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This article was updated on 1st May 2021 ..

 Hello...Folks in this article I will share with you the Latest Olymp Trade Cheats or you can call this an Olymp Trade Hack or Olymp Trade Tricks that I personally Love & use.

Firstly, I want to share with you my Olymp Trade withdrawal proof:

Olymp Trade Withdrawal Proof: Why You should follow my Guide?

Firstly, I want to show you that, I have personally used this system and I am personally making money out of it.

Given below is my Olymp Trade withdrawal Proof:

Olymp Trade Withdrawal Proof
Olymp Trade Withdrawal Proof

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Olymp Trade Cheats: How to make money via Olymp Trade?

 Now, In this section, I will teach you my favorite Olymp Trade Tricks. I bet no one will ever teach you this easy Olymp Trade Hack.

Step: 1 Get Olymp Trade Bonus

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Step 2:  Next Step is to Turn your default Chart to Heiken Ashi Chart.

Heiken Ashi is just like Candlestick where you can determine the price movement of Stocks, Shares, commodities & more.

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Unlike in Candlesticks, In Heiken Ashi each candle is independent.

 To Turn your Chart into Heiken Ashi Follow the steps given below:

Firstly, Click on the chart button

Heiken Ashi Olymp Trade
Heiken Ashi Olymp Trade

Secondly, Click on Heiken Ashi. that's it!!! Heiken Ashi's setup is over.

Now, It's it's time to setup Stochastic Oscillator,

Firstly, Click on the Indicator button.

Stochastic Indicator
Secondly, Select Stochastic from the option.

After, all the followed steps, your Olymp Trade Dashboard will look like something like given below.

Olymp Trade Winning Strategy
Olymp Trade Winning Strategy

Now, I will share with you the Olymp Trade Winning Strategy. that works like magic.

Here, I assume that you at least know, the basics of Heiken Ashi, If you don't know Click Here.

As said above Heiken Ashi is just like Candlestick however, unlike here, each candle is independent here.

The Golden Rule of Heiken Ashi says:

If the last two candles are Green the Market is Bullish.


Similarly, If If the last two candles are Green the Market is Bearish.

Olymp Trade Hack: Heikin Ashi Stohastic Strategy

Using Heiken Ashi with Stochastic is damn very easy.

You need to follow this basic rule:

If the Last Two Candles are Green in Heiken Ashi and the line cross the Overbought level or line 70  in Stochastic then go for SELL Trade.


Similarly, If the Last Two Candles are Red in Heikin Ashi and the line cross the Oversold level or line 20 in Stochastic then go for BUY Trade.

What is Overbought Level?

Overbought Level, is a market situation where the price of goods has already reached the maximum level. and indicates the end of UP Trend.

In Overbought Level:

1. Buyers are excited

2. Demand is most probably going to decrease

3. Price may decrease.

The best way I can teach you the Overbought level is by an example.

In India, Recently, The price of Onion reached the maximum price Rs. 200.

Remember, What happened after that?

The Demand of onion slowly and slowly decreased as the result the price decreased the same because of which Buyers got excited later.

What is OverSold Level?

Similarly, Oversold Level is the market situation where the price has decreased to the minimum level and Sellers are sure that the price will increase from here.

In OverSold Level:

1. Sellers is excited

2. Demand is most probably going to increase

3. Price may increase.

The Best Example, I can give here, is the price of Oil in America.

Where, recently, The Price of Oil in America went up to $0.5 due to lockdown which was the minimum price and the Sellers knew that the minimum price has reached and from here the price will increase, and soon the demand will increase.


See, the chart above Here, the last two candles appears Green and the Stochastic line has just crossed 20 Here,  our price action will be BUY.

Note: Please use the longer time frame chart. For teaching purpose, I have used the 1 min chart

Homework: Check Your Knowledge

Answer the Following and comment on your answers below:

1. Which Market Situation is this?

2. What will be your price action? comment below.


Given below are the list of most asked questions:

1. Is Heiken Ashi Reliable?

ans: Heiken Ashi is a really reliable Indicator. provide accurate results.

According to me, Heiken Ashi helps us to give a much better analysis than a standard candlestick chart.

It uses historical data, which is quite reliable.

2. Which is better Heikin Ashi or Candlestick?

Ans: Heiken Ashi is a really powerful chart. 

The candlestick is really different from the standard candlestick chart.

In Heiken Ashi, each candle is dependent on the last candle. 

However, In Candlestick each candle is independent. 

In Heiken Ashi,  If it shows a trend most probably it will continue however, in candlestick it's not the case.

3. What is K and D in a Stochastic Oscillator?

Ans: The Stochastic Oscillator is displayed by two lines. 

The mainline is displayed with %k. The second line D% is the moving average is the moving average of %k.

4. Is Heikin Ashi accurate?

Ans: According to me, Heikin Ashi is one of the most accurate trading charts.

Unlike, Candlestick chart. In Candlestick each candle is dependent, However, In Heikin Ashi each candle is Independent.

Winding Up: 

I hope you found this article helpful. and learned something out of it.

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